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Day 4

Good Morning Year 3! Welcome back to Home Learning. I hope you had a good day yesterday and enjoyed the tasks. Remember, this time away from school is the perfect time for plenty of reading. I’m looking forward to finding out what you have read.


1) PE

If you want to start your day with a 30 minute PE lesson, then follow the link below to find a live streaming of 'PE with Joe' at 9:00 AM. Joe Wicks is a body coach who is doing an exercise routine for children every week day morning during the school closures:

2) Maths

Here are the answers for yesterday’s maths work:

Write down your score in the back of your maths book. Can you beat yesterday’s score? In class, we have been working on speeding up the x2, x5 and x10. Perhaps, you could try speeding up the x4 table?


Don't forget that you can continue doing your mathletics homework each week...


GOAL- To Count in Tenths (1/10)

Remember, to “read” a fraction, think of it as:
1/10 = “1 out of 10”

5/10 = “5 out of 10”  (which is equal to 1/2)


Use 10 objects in your house to help you see this eg buttons or crayons.  


You may also find it helpful to draw a number line. Start at 0 and end at 1. You’ll need to have 9 small lines in between (making 10 spaces).


0                                                                                                 1





  • 10 out of 10 objects this is all of them = one whole = 1
  • If you have 11 tenths, this is one whole and a tenth left over = 1 and 1/10
  • If you have 23 tenths, this is two wholes and 3 tenths left over – 2 and 3/10


If you need extra help, Log into Espresso. The username for Espresso is 'student29797' and the password is 'quinton'. Try searching “tenths”

3) Literacy

Answers for yesterday’s comprehensions are at the end of each of these files:

Today’s literacy task is writing. I would like you to write a story. This can take more than one day but I will keep adding new literacy tasks each day for those that have finished.


Story – Steps to Success

  • Your story should have two characters who are about the same age as you (they can be ones you have used before).
  • Start with them being stuck at home on rainy day. Perhaps, they play hide and seek. One character opens a door and discovers it leads out of the house…are they believed? Are they brave enough to go straight through?
  • One or both of your characters can then travel through the door and have a wonderful adventure somewhere else. Your choice – could be the beach?
  • How do they return? Perhaps, they hear their mother’s voice coming from somewhere…
  • When they return safely, will they be believed? Will anybody have even noticed they were missing for hours? Will they have brought anything back with them?
  • Try to add description of people and places – use adjectives and adverbs
  • Only have a small amount of speech.
  • Edit – check full stops, capitals and paragraphs. Add better language by starting sentences with adverbs (Amazingly,) or time prepositions (Just then, Later,) or place prepositions (Inside the cupboard, Behind the desk)


EXT: Draw a scene from your story