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Day 4

Good Morning Year 5!


I hope that you got on ok with your work yesterday! 


1) GOAL- To understand thousandths (Maths)

The important thing to remember is the difference between, for example, 0.3 and 0.03. 

0.3 = 3 tenths as the 3 is in the tenths column

0.03 - 3 hundredths as the 3 is in the hundredths column


Remember that 3 tenths is the same as 30 hundredths!


Today, we are going to look at thousandths. Watch the video clip and then have a go at your work. You can check your answers once you've finished.

2) GOAL- To write an exciting adventure story (Writing)

I hope that you enjoyed writing the first half of your story yesterday!


Today, you need to write your resolution and your ending (remember to refer back to your plan which you did on Tuesday). In the resolution, you need to think about how your dilemma ended. The ending is you flying back through the portal! Think about how you would have been feeling as this was happening!


 I am not going to write you an example of the resolution and ending paragraphs as I would like to see what you can come up with! I am sure that you have some fantastic ideas of your own! Just remember first person and past tense.


Once you have completed your work, get a different coloured pen and edit your work.


Check for:

Capital letters

Full stops

Do all your sentences make sense?

Can you include parenthesis if you haven't already?