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Day 5

Gooooood Morning Year 2, 


Well, you have all survived your second week of Home Learning!  A HUGE well done to you and your parents. I know that you will all have worked hard to do as many of the tasks as possible, so thank you all so much for your efforts.  It is very much appreciated. 


And, after checking out our new School Gallery earlier, I was absolutely blown away by you...... my fabulous Year 2s.  (email:  It was just so lovely to see you with your artwork Afie..... brilliant!  Olaf, I loved seeing you relaxing by your den after some serious 3D shape building. Great job!  Finally, Aoife.....WOW, just WOW!  What a fantastic story.  Such great detail and you have even used paragraphs.  I am very proud of you all.  Thank you so much.  It seemed like we were not so far away from each other after all. It made me feel very happy.  I can't wait to see more of you and your work next term. And, isn't it fantastic that it's not just you learning new things!  I'm learning new things too and it's very exciting.  


Anyway........back to today!

You're having a break from Joe today!  Instead, you will be starting with a whole school.......

Singing Assembly. 


We're starting with the answers to yesterday's tasks.

Next, it's our usual Friday Maths Test - we've done them every week, so you should all be as independent as possible with this task. Just do your best.

Then, as it's Friday, you should have a look at some practical Fun Fraction work that you could do at home.  I look forward to seeing some photos!

GOAL: Fractions in everyday life.


Start with the usual Friday Spelling Test.  It won't take long smiley Record your result in your Reading Record book.



GOAL: to follow instructions.

It is cross curricular too because it is linked to your work in Maths smiley(It doesn't actually have to be done today - it can be done anytime between now and 20th April).


You have to make Easy Easter Brownies and divide them into fractions to share.  So, I want you to be thinking about measuring, fractions and division work here, as well as the English task of reading and following instructions.  Please take a photo of your brownies. 


Obviously, you will need adult help with this one, but it's a fun activity to enjoy doing together.


Recipe below. Enjoy!

Reading and Daily Diary

I'm sure you're now in a good routine of daily reading and writing a little bit in your diary.  This is the only thing that I'd like you to continue during the Easter Break.  As you know, it is so, so important to read regularly smiley


Finally, GUESS WHAT, Year 2! 

You're now on holiday for two weeks!  No more work until the 20th April (apart from Reading and your Diary entries of course),


So, we're wishing you a very happy Easter holiday.  Do take care, have a rest and enjoy some well earned family time at home.  Oh, and look after your sunflower plants! wink  If you've got some shoots, take a photo and email them to school.


Lots of Love, 

Mrs Martin and Mrs Pedley xx