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Day 5

Happy Friday Nursery!


Parent's, you did it! Your first week of home learning. We hope the tasks we have set have been manageable and fun to do together.

Here goes your last couple of tasks and then the weekend is yours.

Task 1

Either go on a spring walk as part of your daily exercise or into the garden and look at any plants or animals you can find. Can your child name any of the plants or animals found? If not tell them and discuss how they are different to each other and what they need to survive. Can they make a picture of their favourite living thing they've found? This could be a collage, painting, chalk drawing on the patio etc. For the children who are at school, teachers can take the children for a walk on the playground or back field.

Task 2

Prepare a healthy lunch/picnic together. Let your child choose what they would like and discuss what would be a healthy option and why. Discuss hygiene and what they need to do before preparing the food and why. Let them have a go at cutting up what they need. We have practised cutting using a knife safely a lot at school and the children have really started to master this.

If your child is at school to do their learning then they could talk to the teacher about their lunch and a record could be made in their blue book. They could also have a go at cutting up some fruit.

Task 3

Share a story together


Have a lovely weekend. It's well earnt!


Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson