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Day 5



Good morning Nursery,


Before we write your tasks for today we would just like to say how grateful we are of all the wonderful observations we have received from you. You are all doing such lovely work/activities with your children and we really appreciate all the updates, which are helping us to keep track of your child's learning and development as best we can.


There will now be a break over what would have been the Easter holidays, so no daily tasks will be posted until 20th April. However, keep practising the letters and sounds we have learnt so far, and share nursery rhymes and stories together as much as possible.

Feel free to still continue sharing any great observations. 


We also have some exciting news! We now have a 'Home Learning Gallery' which the school will use to upload children's work from all year groups. So if your child has done something which you feel is worth sharing then please send it via the e-mail link, stating you would like it to go in the gallery. This could be a photograph of your child taking part in the activity or a photograph of their finished work. We cannot guarantee that all work sent in will be published but we will try our very best!


Here are your final missions before enjoying a lovely Easter break!


Task 1

It's time to have some fun with numbers! Either write numbers 1-5, 1-10 or 1-20 on some plastic Easter eggs or paper Easter eggs (depending on your child's ability). Hide them around the house and garden and get your children moving and recognising the numbers by going on an Easter egg number hunt! In Early Years, we try to teach the children positional language so if they can't find it then use words like: below, above, next to, on top of, behind etc.


Task 2

Share a story.


Please let the children know how much we are missing them.


Take care of each other and we hope to see you all again soon.

Warmest wishes,


Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson