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Day 5


Can you find a piece of fruit or a vegetable at home and do an observational drawing or collage of it? You might want to cut it open to see what’s inside. Try to look really closely at the details and the colours. If you are using paint, can you remember what colours to mix together to create other colours? Afterwards, write a sentence about your piece of fruit. Describe what it looks like or what you can see inside it!

Please do not tell your child how to write the words or form the letters. Independence is key for us to see what your child can do and what stage they are at with their learning.


Miss Johnson's Marvellous Maths 


Recapping over subtraction/taking away.


Click on the web link below. It should take you to an interactive game called ‘Rabbit Takeaway’. To work out the answer the children can use either objects, a numberline or some children may figure out the answer another way. Please write down the sums that your child does, and the answers they click on, even if they are wrong. Also, please make note of the method they used to find the answer.



Mr Singleton's Marvellous Maths

Counting objects that cannot be moved and matching numeral

Click on the link below. The children have to count the underwater creatures and then click on the correct numeral to match, from down the right hand side. Please record the numbers of objects your child could cunt and any that they struggled with. Also make note of any numbers they weren't sure about recognising. 

Let's get outside!

The weather, this week, has been glorious! So here are a few activities to get you out in the sunshine!


Set up an exercise gym: You could have different stations for different exercise activities. For example star jumps, skipping with a skipping rope, jumping or hopping, bouncing a ball etc. Get someone to time you for 1 minute and see how many you can do in that time? How could you record this? Afterwards, think about why we should do exercise? What changes have happened to your body after doing exercise? What else do we need to do to keep our bodies fit and healthy and to look after ourselves?


Go on a senses walk: Go on a walk anywhere, out and about or around your garden. On your way collect objects that you find that are different textures and colours, or draw pictures of things you see, or take photographs. Ask if you can take photos on your parents phone or camera. Do you know how to take photos on these devices? Do you find any minibeasts on your travels? What sounds can you hear? What smells can you smell? When you get home, you could make a 'journey' with your chosen collections. Stick your objects or pictures in the order that you found them. Write sentences about what you heard or smelt. Can you label your items?

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