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Day 5

Marvellous Maths


Open the uploaded power-point game ‘Potions Capacity’. Allow your child to work through it independently, only helping them if they need it or are not sure. It will recap over all the language of capacity you have used this week. Capacity will also need to be selected and ordered. Good Luck!

Also, some Capacity Challenge Cards that you could try out!


Easter will soon be here! Please go through the uploaded Easter power-point. I have compiled some Easter activity ideas for you to choose from. There are some craft ideas, some Easter Egg Number Bonds to 10, positional language, plus much more. You can also login to the ‘Espresso Discovery Education’ website by clicking on the link below. Type ‘Easter’ in the search bar. A list will come up. Click on the second tab down (that has an F to the right of it – this means Foundation Stage). There will be activities, interactive games, video’s, and books. There is a really nice story book telling Jesus’ Easter Story of the cross.  Please choose at least 2 activities to do, if not many more. These will hopefully keep you busy over the Easter holidays too!


You could hide Easter eggs around the house or outside and as your child finds them, you could ask them to use positional language to describe where the egg is. E.g. Under the chair, behind the box, next to the tree, inside the pot, in front of the bike, on top of the table. Good luck and enjoy! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday and thank you so much to both parents and children for all your hard work, and a big well done to the parents for taking on a new role of ‘home school teacher’!

Oxford Reading Owl

Over the holidays, have a read of these books...

Phase 2 - The Web and Tiger's Family

Phase 3 - Leek Hotpot and Toads in the Road


Note to Parents and Children!

The staff at school are all really missing looking at your amazing work! Because of this, we have created a page where can share some of it called our 'Home Learning Gallery' page. If you have completed a task which you are proud of, please email a photo of it, or a photo of you with it,

We cannot guarantee that all work sent will be displayed in the gallery but we will do our best to show off a range of work! We cannot wait to see what you have been doing!