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Day 5

Hello Class 6,


I wonder how your first week of home learning has been for you? I hope that you have enjoyed learning at home. You can now let me know how you are getting on by contacting me by email:


For Friday, I have given you a fill in the missing words sheet for your spellings, which I gave you at the beginning of the week. It does have a Christmas theme, but I hope you enjoy filling it anyway! Your parents can also test you as well!

For your times tables, I thought you could test yourself on the Topmarks website with Hit the Button and select the mixed tables (answers). Have at least 3 goes and try and beat your score. I have just had a go and my highest score was 31, so see if you can beat me!

Your maths task is to complete your mathletes homework.

Finally for your grammar, there is a short test. 

Next week, we will be doing some writing about Anne Frank.

Enjoy your weekend!