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Day 5

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I hope everyone is feeling Fridaylicious!

Yoga exercise this morning!


Today I would like you to listen to a selection of different pieces of music a move to them how they make you feel like moving. Listen carefully to each piece. Is it fast or slow? Does it seem sad or happy? Is it a bouncy loud song or a quiet song? All this will determine how you move to the music. Click on the weblink and scroll through. It will give you some titles of music pieces you could search for on You Tube for your child to listen and move to.


For each one maybe you could note down your thoughts above each piece, based on the things I touched on in the paragraph above.


Marvellous Maths

White Rose

Some great activities today. First, lengths, and then touching on last weeks Maths theme of sequencing and the days of the week, and singing and then once again, patterns. This time, symmetrical patterns.


Positional language

I have uploaded 2 documents that you could either print off or look at on the computer or draw the parts needed for.

The first one I would like your child to do. They need to stick the pictures where they are told to stick them, around the tree, by following the instructions on the cards.


The second uploaded document has ideas for problem solving within the positional language theme. Please choose 1 or 2 of these activities to do.

Last but not least, here are some yoga exercise poses to keep you going over the weekend!

See you next week guys cheeky

Picture 1