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Day 5

Hello Class 6,

I hope that you have enjoyed your home learning over the last week. Friday is the last day of term, so there will be no more work set until Monday 20th April, so enjoy the Easter holidays and have some time off with your family. Keep up your reading over the holidays. After Easter, we will be learning a new topic - Rule Britannia - about the Vikings. I hope that you have enjoyed learning about World War II, I have enjoyed teaching it.


Friday 3rd April 2020

Spellings - You can get your parents to test you on your spellings I gave you on Monday and I have also made you a crossword to try. Don't look at the answers on page 2, unless you become really stuck!

Maths - complete your next page in your mathletics book, check your answers carefully and see if your parents get the same answers as you!

Literacy/History - finish writing your biography about Anne Frank, edit it carefully and improve it. Use the checklist from my planning sheet, to make sure you have included everything that makes a really interesting and well-written biography. Then read it to your family and see what they think. I am sure they will enjoy hearing what you have written.


I have included an Easter biscuit recipe you might like to try, if you have the ingredients at home and an adult can help you in the kitchen. There's also a link to a BBC Bitesize video about Easter and some interesting information to read on there too. I have also included a suggested book list for year 6, if you are stuck for book ideas over Easter. Finally, I have included the end of topic quiz on World War II, which we did in school on the last day it was open, for those of you who were not able to be there. Have a go and see how many questions you can answer!


Don't forget to send in some work to put on the gallery page. 


Have a very Happy Easter!


Mrs Betteley