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Day 5

It's FRIDAY,  well done year 4 for completing your first week of home learning and also well done to your parents for supporting you.


Below are the answers for yesterday's work.


Starter In the back of your maths book ask an adult to time you for 2 minutes and write going across the page, counting up in 100's; see how far you can get in 2 minutes.  eg 100, 200, 300, 400,.....

In the front of your maths book now complete the following work.

GOAL converting between m and km

Remember 1000m = 1km     so 500m = 0.5km

There is only one worksheet for you all to complete, please write out it out like this:-

1) 0.386km = 386m

    0.178km = 178m

Have a go at doing all of them to make you secure at converting.

Parents, the answers are on the second sheet so you can mark the work when it is completed.


Answers to reading comprehension

Spellings.  Please choose 8 words from your spelling list . Firstly write the word along the line and then on the next line write the word into a sentence, showing the meaning of the word. You can only start 4 sentences with the word I.  It is week 9 on your spelling list.  I have uploaded a copy of the words in case they have been misplaced. 

eg. oven   oven  oven   oven   oven   oven  oven   oven   oven   oven   oven  oven   oven

    Yesterday, we baked a tasty apple crumble in the main oven to have for our tea.

spelling lists


On the link above is an image with some verses of poetry.  Please can you write 2 verses using the image as an idea and following the structure of the other verses.



Week 1 is now complete.  Please remember to write in your diary, if you haven't done it this week just have a go at writing how you have found this week.  Make sure you are reading daily. On the inside of the back cover of your purple books you can record all the books you have read. 


Weekend challenge: If you have lego at home see if you can make a model of a bird this weekend and take a photo of it.


Yesterday I spoke to Emil's mum; last Friday he had another operation from which he has made a good recovery and he is now home.  He is going to hospital again on Monday to discuss the next stage of his treatment.  I have sent him our good wishes and also the jar of kind and inspiring thoughts we did for Emil, on the last few days of school.


Have a good weekend, stay safe.