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Day 5

Good morning, well done for completing 2 weeks of home learning.  Don't forget to join in with the singing assembly.


Starter This is a different challenge, you will only need to write the answers down in the back of your book, number 1 - 42 before you start and write the date and week 1. You will need to be timed for 1 minute, go down the columns on the sheet called Big Maths, look carefully at the sign in the sum. Good luck. Ask your adult to check your answers and write your score down.

Week 1 Big maths

Maths Answers

GOAL converting between units of weight grams and kilograms

Please write the GOAL in your maths book with TYM p83. Complete the section A, B, C as you would do in class. When you have completed your work find 6 items in your food cupboards and record down the item and the weight in grams or kilograms.



Answers to Easter reading comprehension


Please pick 8 of your spellings from this week and write the word along the line and then on the following line write the words into a sentence. You are only allowed to write 3 sentences beginning with I.

POETRY This week I would like you to write a haiku poem, you might have had a go at doing this before. If you are not sure have a look at the sheet to remind you how to do it. Remember a Haiku poem is only 3 lines long and does not have to rhyme. Please write at least 2 Haiku's about Easter or spring. Here are some ideas;

Spring.                                                                         Rainbow

Swaying leaves on the trees,                                      Crescent of colours

Warmer air, blooming flowers,                                      Arching high above our heads.

Springs finally here.                                                     Sunshine brings us hope.


Haiku Rules

So now it's the Easter holiday, it will be different for all of us this year. We are not setting you any written work over the holiday enjoy your quality time with your family.  Well done to you and your parents supporting you with your home learning.

Here are a few fun eggstra ideas to do over Easter if you want to.

Lego challenge. Make something to do with Easter from lego ( a rabbit, an egg, a lamb) please take a photo.

Skills challenge. Now we are all perfect at tying shoelaces have a go at practising reading the time; we would expect you to tell the time in 5 minute intervals. 

Easter Activities:  

  • make an Easter Card for your family or maybe for a neighbour or relative in isolation
  • bake some Easter cakes or biscuits
  • Decorate a hard boiled egg as a character, make them eggscellent!
  • Make a rabbit origami corner bookmark
  • Make an Easter pom-pom
  • Have a go at doing an egg-cellent experiment,  have an adult help you do the bouncing egg or the egg in a bottle. Just google egg experiments to find out what to do.


Remember to do some reading over the holiday and keep recording in your diaries about some of the new things you have tried whilst in lockdown.  We will be back online on Monday 20th April


Also, I have spoken to Emil's mum this week and he is doing really well, he's had some of the stitches removed from his head and has been able to wash his hair.  Next Monday he starts treatment at Birmingham hospital for 6 weeks.  He is going to go in each day and come home.  The doctors are really pleased with him.

Stay safe and enjoy your Easter.


Mrs Gibson and Mrs Havard