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Day 5

Goooooood morning Year 2, 

It's Friday, or as we sometimes say, 'FriYAY' smiley

Well done everyone - you have survived your first week of Home Learning - 20 housepoints each! (That's 5 for you and 15 for your parents wink )


So, start today with Joe


Then, check your answers from yesterday and 'self-mark' with a red pen.
I know, I know! You love TEST FRIDAY, so here you are.......
Parents, can you do the spelling test for 27th March please and mark afterwards.  Record score in your child's reading record book for Friday.  Thank you. 
Next, listen to David Walliams on Elevenses.  See link below.

So, today's work is cross curricular! wink A bit of Maths, English, DT, PSHE.......Oh, and FUN!surprise



I need you to build a 3D shape!  That a 'DEN' in your home or outside if your parents allow. (Use e.g. chairs/table/sheets) Be adventurous with your decor.....lights, cushions, cuddly toys, dressing up etc. 


Once you're all set up, I'd like you to play some games, which involve counting.  Or, if that's not possible, ANY board game.


I might try it myself! If I can, I promise to share a photo with you! Please take a photo and stick it in your Topic or Maths book. I'd love to see them.  



In your den, I would like you to READ, READ, READ as often as possible. Remember to record what you have read, in your Reading Record book.


Daily Diary

Add some detail about what you've been up to today, how your week has gone and how you're feeling about things right now.  Talk to your parents/'s important to talk!


Take care and have a relaxing weekend.  


Missing you all, 

Mrs. Martin smiley