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Day 5

Morning everyone!


1) GOAL- To write thousandths as decimals (Maths)

Today, we are continuing with writing thousandths as decimals. I have attached the varied fluency sheets as usual. I have heard that some of you are managing to complete them all and are eager to do more! I have therefore attached some reasoning questions for you to have a go at if you would like to! For these, remember to explain your answers in full sentences and to add as much detail as you can!


2) GOAL- To read and understand texts (Reading)

As usual, Friday is our day for reading comprehension. I hope that you have all been reading lots of books and I am looking forward to hearing about what you have read!


Please complete the comprehension for the group which you are usually in on a Friday. Remember to make sure that your answers make sense and to answer in as much detail as you possibly can. Only look at the answers once you have completed your work.


Added extra!

If you have managed to complete your reading comprehension task, have a go at writing a book review of a book which you have read recently. Use the book review worksheet which I have attached if you would like to (you could just use the sub-headings and design your own).

3) I hope that you've enjoyed completing your project this week which was to create a fact sheet about the Berlin Wall. If you haven't already completed this, you will need to do so today!


4) We must continue practising our spellings. Please learn the spellings below ready for next Friday when you will need to ask an adult to test you! The spellings this week are:












You could practise them by: looking them up in the dictionary and writing their definitions, writing them as waterfall words, writing them in different coloured pens or writing them in sentences.


Keep working hard! But also enjoy some sunshine!


Mrs Timms :)