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Diwali Week 1 11th - 13th Nov

Good morning everyone!


Welcome to your online learning laugh For the rest of this week feel free to choose a variety of activities to do that are posted on here. You can do as many as you like!


Please do Phonics everyday - I will post activities for my group and Mr Singleton's group, each day, and will send a message via Tapestry to let you know whose group your child is in.


Any work that is done, please take a photo of and make any notes, comments or things said by the child, and post this as an observation on Tapestry so we can have a look at all your wonderful work!


If you have any questions at all then please message me on Tapestry as an observation and I'll get back to you.


Thank you for all your help and support during this time. Keep in touch,


Miss Johnson and Mr Singleton x


If you have some playdough at home, then have a go at our morning session of Dough Disco! Click on the link to listen to the song and follow the actions! If you haven't got any playdough and would like to make some, please click on the link to the recipe - it is very simple to make and will keep for a couple of weeks in an air tight container! This recipe is based on our book of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff!' but feel free to not add food colouring or grass.

This morning, we were going to have a look at the story behind the celebration of Diwali. Before you look at this though, see if you can tell people at home what you can remember about how Diwali is celebrated. What do the people do? Ho do they celebrate? What is the festival known as - the festival of...? what do they make? Who/what religions celebrate Diwali?

Parents...Write down on an observation what your child says to you. We can then see what they have remembered from previous learning.


Now, have a read through of the story by clicking on the link to the powerpoint. Maybe you could have a go at making a story-map to show what happens in the story in the right order?

Happy Handwriting (Group 3)

Please watch the Espresso videos on how to form the letters 's' 'a' and 't' and have a go at writing them.


To login - Username: student29797 Password: quinton - press enter and then click on the heading 'espresso' to take you to the home page.


In the search bar type 'handwriting'. Click on the 2nd result that has an 'F' to the right hand side. Then, on the left hand side click 'videos' then choose the lowercase letters from 's' 'a' and 't'. 


Please post a photograph of their writing.


Marvellous Maths

We have been looking in detail at the numbers 1, 2 and 3, Today, please click on the link to watch the Numberblocks umber 2 episode.

Now, you can either make some flashcards of numbers 1 - 10 by writing them in large on a piece of paper and cutting them out or by printing the ones provided on the link below. Encourage your child to put these in order, each time talking about the fact that as we go up each number we are adding one more. You can then talk about as you go down the numbers it is one less. After laying them out in the correct order, ask your child "what is one more than...? what is one less than...?" and provide random numbers. Encourage your child to use the numberline to work out the answer. 
Now, see if you can find any sort of stackable objects around the house such as building blocks, cubes etc. Encourage your child to make towers - one with 1 block, then another with 2 blocks and so on, up to 5 (They can go higher if they wish!). When you put the towers next to each other in order, this will show your child a visual representation of how numbers get larger as they go up, showing them how there is one more each time they count up a number!

I will leave it there for today! Tomorrow I will provide some Phonics and will give you some activities based upon what we would have out for the children to do independently within the class.


Good luck! yes