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Friday 13th Nov's Friday 13th...but lets not dwell on that! Start your morning off with Dough Disco to warm up those finger muscles! I wonder if you have some string, wool, beads or pasta that you could do some threading with? This also helps with warming up your finger muscles, and also helps with your fine motor skills and control, reading for writing!

So today is world kindness day!!! I thought we could do some great activities today based on this, ready for our Anti-Bullying week next week. 

Next on the agenda would have been our 'Talk Time'. I have uploded a powerpoint that we would have looked through, dedicated to World Kindness Day. Have a read through. On each slide a question will appear at the top. Parents...Before clicking to reveal the answers, ask your child the question and see what answers they come up with. Please note this down as an observation on Tapestry as I was so looking forward to doing this with the children and listening to their suggestions!

Have a think about something you could do today to be kind to someone. Or not just 1 thing, lots of things! Ask an adult to write these things down and then tick them off throughout the day as you do them! I have even uploaded  'Random Acts of Kindness' certificate which we were going to give out in class, if your adult would like to print it out or make one for you to celebrate how kind you have been! don't just need to be kind on Kindness Day...we need to keep this up everyday!

Below, I have uploaded a 'kind and unkind' sorting activity. You don't need to print it but just look through the pictures with your adult and talk about whether you think it is a kind or unkind action and why. Also discuss how that action might make the other person feel. How would you feel if someone did that to you?

So next here are some additional activities you can chose from, as well as any that you didn't do from yesterdays page.


Maths - We have 2 activities today. The first one is a shape hunt. I have uploaded a sheet to print to use or you can make your own. Take a walk around your house and see how many different 2D shapes you can find. Draw them on your sheet. You could even have a go at writing the letter your found object begins with, or any other sounds you can hear in the word. 

Your next activity (as long s it stays dry outside) is to find some natural materials to make 2D shapes with. Think about how many sides or corners the shape has got. I have uploaded some photographs of natural shapes for you to have a look at first, before you try yourself. 

Science Experiment - I would like you to have a think about another way that the Three Billy Goats Gruff could get over the river if there wasn't a bridge there?

You are going to have a go at building a raft for the billy goats. I would like you to test out some different materials to use for your raft to see which would be the best. What do we not want the raft to do in the water? (sink or topple over). So we need to find a materials that will...float!

I have uploaded the science experiment sheet. Feel free to find your own materials to test, not just the ones listed on the sheet. could video your child doing the experiment. You could even make a simple table where you list all the materials down the side and tick if they float and cross if they sink. See if your child can write some sounds in the words first and then you can help them write the rest of the word. 

I can't wait to see a photograph of your finished rafts!!

P.E - So, first of al we need to stretch our muscles so stretch up as high as you can, and then on tippy toes. Now stretch out as wide as you can. Keep this shape and move your body from side to side. Make large circles with your arms and then small ones. Now shake your feet, legs, hips, hands, arms, and your whole body.


Warm up - The Bean Game - Your adult is going to shout out the name of a ben and you have to do certain actions for different beans.

Runner bean - Run on the spot

Jumping bean - Jump around

Jelly bean - Shake like jelly

Baked bean - Curl up very small on the ground

French bean - Walk on tip toes and say 'ooh la la'

Coffee bean - Run round really fast in the space


Activity - Today, we are going to have  go at rolling a ball and improving our aim.

You may have  skittles set or if you can find some toilet/kitchen roll tubes, empty plastic bottles etc. If you don't have a ball you can use a ball of socks or anything else that is a sphere shape. Have a go at rolling the ball to knock the 'skittles' down. You could play with someone else and have ten turns and see who can knock the most down. Ask an adult to keep the score but you can count how many are knocked down each time.


Next, lay out some pieces of fabric of different sizes such as a tea towel, a flannel, a tissue, a hand towel. Sit  reasonable distance away and see if you can roll your ball onto these. Have a set number of points for each material - the largest will have the smaller number of points as this is easiest to roll your ball onto and the smallest will be the most points as this will take a lot of skill to know how much force to use to roll it onto. 


Last but not least...finally...

Guided Reading - After yesterdays fiasco, I will be uploading 2 this space! I will upload them below. You could do one this morning and one this afternoon!


Ok so the first story should soon be available on Tapestry...The second is actually an animated video story. Click on the 'you tube' link to access it. Enjoy!


Small and quick activities today as there has been so many other exciting things to do!


Miss Johnson's Group

End sound bingo - Make your own bingo cards with 6 sections. In each section put one of these end sounds (b, ck, d, f, g, m, n, p, r, s, t). You could make a few cards so you could play against each other. The adult says a word with one of these end sounds . You have to identify the end sound and if you have that letter on your board then put a counter on. See who wins!!


Mr Singleton's Group

Tricky word bingo - Either print the document provided below or make your own bingo cards using these as a template. Agin, you could make a few cards so you can play against other people in your house. The adult says a tricky word. If you have it on your board, put a counter on it. See who wins!!!

(Adults...say some words that are not tricky words to confuse them!)