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Friday 15th Jan

Wake up Shake up


Good Morning everyone!! 

Here are your morning exercises ...



Whole School Assembly


Pease click on the loom link below for a whole school assembly, virtual style!

Happy Handwriting - Group 5

 Today, I would like you to have another practice of the ladder letters l, t and i and also practice the letter 'u'. 


If you login to 'espresso' using the link from the 'useful websites' observation on Tapestry, you can then type 'handwriting' into the search bar and click n the second result with a F next to it. Then select 'videos' from the left hand side of the screen and you can scroll through and click on the lowercase letter videos for these letters to see how they are formed. 



Today, i would like you to do some activities to recap over this weeks learning. First I have uploaded a 'zero or not zero' set of visual cards. If you open this up on screen, you can then point to random pictures and see if your child can tell you if it is a picture that represents zero or not. 


Next, I have uploaded a powerpoint presentation, all about comparing numbers/quantities to 5. On each slide you will see a woodland scene with a selection of woodland animals on. If you click on the person n the bottom right hand corner, they will ask a question. Encourage your child to use the woodland scene and creatures to answer the question The person may have more than one question so click on them again to see if they do have another. 


Good luck!

Miss Johnson's Group


First, please watch today's loom of the powerpoint presentation. 


I have uploaded both the reading and writing booklets. Thee do not need to be printed but can be if you wish to. You can read the sentences off screen whilst looking at the booklet and then look at the pictures from the writing booklet and write sentences on a piece of paper, lined if possible. 

Mr Singleton's Group


Today we are going to be recapping on the letters and sounds that we have been looking at this week. Please watch the loom.

Please also find attached our book for today, so that you can practice your reading and writing. This does not need to be printed but the sentences can be read off screen and written on paper, line if possible, whilst looking at the pictures on screen for each booklet. 


I hope that you've all enjoyed the new 'Phonics' format - I know that I have :-)

Guided Reading


Please enjoy this last story of the week...I absolutely loved this 'magical' story and hope you do too :-)