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Friday 20th

Dough Disco - Last chance to practice 'The Ants Go Marching...!'

We are going to split this session into 2 today.


First, have a hat with your adult about coming back to school on Monday. Can they remember what to do when they come in? What are they most excited abut being able to do when they come back? Who are they excited to see? Are they worried about anything? Can they remember the rules of the classroom and the whole school?


Next, you are going to watch and join in with the 3rd video from our Road Safety sessions. This one is a song which will be lovely. We can then sing this in class next week!

Happy Handwriting (Group 1)

I would like this group to practice 's, a, t, p, i'. 

Your child should not need the Espresso video's to watch the formation of these, but if you feel they need to recap then click the link below and login.

Username: student29797

Password: quinton

In the search bar type 'handwriting' the click on the tab with the 'F' next to it. Then on the left hand side click 'videos' and then select the letters. 


If you feel your child is confident in forming all of these letters, then please move onto 'n'. 

Today I would like you to have a go at designing some clothes., just like the Shoemaker and his wife made cloths for the 2 elves. To give you some ideas before you begin, with an adult, make a mind map of all the different sorts of clothes you can wear e.g. dress, trousers etc.

Then, you can either print and use the templates I have uploaded or draw your clothes onto paper at home. Think about what they are going to wear on the top half of the body and the bottom part. Any shoes, anything on their head etc?

I would also like you to pick a selection of shoes from around the house and have a look at the soles. Shoe soles have many different patterns on them. See if you can identify some differences between the patterns on the soles of the shoes you have found. If your adult doesn't mind, you could even do some rubbings onto paper of the patterns, just like we did with the leaves in our Autumn week. You could even make paint prints with them! 

So today, you can have a go at the two other activities that you haven't yet done from the uploaded sheet. Recap with your child that we are looking at different ways to make 1, 2 and 3. This means looking at numbers we can add together to make these numbers. For instance, to make 2 you can add 1 + 1 or 2 + 0. The activities are designed to help your child to actually see this visually to help them to understand how number and quantities are made up. 

Guided Reading

Will be uploaded to Tapestry later today.


The Nativity

Lyrics for the last 2 songs 'The Finest Kings' and 'Jesus is Born' will be uploaded to the 'lyrics' page on the websites 'Reception' page and action videos will also be uploaded to Tapestry later today.


I just want to say a HUGE thankyou to both the adults at home and the children for all your hard work at home over these last 2 weeks, all your observations you have uploaded to Tapestry, to the adults for becoming 'teachers' and most of all, to you all, for staying safe!


Can't wait to see you next week!!!