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Good Morning and its FANTASTIC FRIDAY, remember to join in with Mrs Loquens singing assembly and then there is a clip for you to watch.



This week we are thinking about a tanka poem.  There are many different types of poems and each week we have looked at a different type of poem, you will be amazing poets by the end of homeschooling.  Well done.  A  cinquain poem had 5 lines and so does a limerick and todays poem a tanka also has 5 lines. Tanka poetry is similar to haiku poetry in that it follows a syllable pattern of 5, 7, 5, 7, 7  and is usually written about nature or emotions, it does not rhyme. Tanka poems are from Japan and were originally a 31 syllable line poem.  I have included a sheet to help you write your own tanka poem. I would like you to base your tanka on the emotions you have felt during lockdown and homeschooling. There will be negative feelings on things like not seeing your friends, not doing your out of school activities, maybe not coming to school, struggling with your work. However I also want you to think about the positives of lockdown; spending time together as a family - meals, walks, maybe you’ve learnt a new skill. The poems and work you are posting on the gallery have made us smile 😊. Please post your poetry creations, we are going to be doing something with your poems that you have written during lockdown, please don't panic if you haven't managed to do them every week.  Details about the poems you have written will be coming next week.


I have included your 3 interesting facts and a little clip about the kangaroo so you can understand the fact.   Go for it fact finders.


Firstly start off doing your big maths, use the sheet from yesterday. We are moving on in time to think about how to calculate the duration of an event. It might look like a lot of worksheets but there aren’t too many questions. GOAL how to calculate a duration time using a start and end time.   I have included the time game for you to practise your telling the time in 12 and 24 hour clock. Hopefully by now you are starting to master telling the time.  The next few sessions we will be looking at how to read timetables and solve the length of time between 2 different times. If you do worksheet 3  I would expect you to do the extension activity. I have added a loom PowerPoint on how to set out your work, to calculate the time difference using a time journey line, in the PowerPoint it covers some of the style questions you will be covering on your worksheet today.

Remember this weekend it’s Father’s Day, so do something special for your dad’s; you could make a card or write them a poem.🙂

Lego challenge: can you make a tool, like a hammer, scissors, spade

To finish the week off I have put on a clip about the bald eagle. 
Take care and be safe.😀