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Friday 25th September

Good morning Year 2, 


Happy Friday! laugh


As you know, we are working from home, just for a couple of weeks.  We've done it before so we can definitely do it problem. I have seen how enthusiastic you are already, so I have faith in you.  All I expect is that you just 'do your best', ok. yes 


Don't worry about printing the worksheets.  Just write the answers into a book e.g. your 'Lockdown books' if you've still got them.  I would like you to bring your work to school on 9th October. 

Morning work

Use base 10 or part-whole models to represent the following numbers:

15, 22, 37, 40, 49, 51, 68, 74, 85, 99, 100

Do as many as you can.

(We've been working on this in class, so the children should be familiar with the terms 'base ten' and 'part-whole' models. Basically, it's just separating the numbers into tens and ones)


As Friday is usually 'test day' in Year 2, we'll start with an arithmetic test.  After you have completed the test, please ask an adult to go through each question with you.  
Now watch the video, then have a go at the activity.

Compare objects


Spelling Test

Get an adult at home to test your spellings.  You have the spelling list at home.


Say the word.  Then say a sentence with the word in it.  Then say the word again.


Follow the example below. Say:

'again'    'It is raining again'.     The word is 'again'. 

Now have a go at correcting the punctuation in the sentences below.  

That's it for today!smiley

Have a lovely weekend and take care.