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GOOD MORNING, it's Friday, well done for completing another week of home learning.  Don't forget to join in with the singing assembly.


Today we will start off with your big maths, you can use the sheet from yesterday if you have printed it out; if you haven't printed it I have included another copy below for you to use.  See if you can improve your score from yesterday and if you have a speed table sheet please complete it. In time we were now moving onto the 24 hour clock. Watch the video about reading the 24 hour clock, the main difference is when you get to noon the numbers carry on 13, 14..  instead of going back to 1, 2, 3. ( to work it out you add 12 onto the hour so 7 becomes 19 for the 24 hour clock in the PM times). The important thing to remember is that the 24 hour clock always has 2 numbers in front of the colon where the hour goes eg. 10:30, 14:00, if it is AM time and the hour is only one digit you put a 0 in front of it. When you are writing time in the 24 hour clock you do not need to use AM and PM as the numbers for the hour will show whether it is morning or afternoon.  You can print the worksheet or just write the answers into your book. Have a go it will get easier the more you practise.

GOAL converting 12 hour clock into 24 hour clock



I know you have done some poetry with Mrs Gibson this week but we've been really impressed with the amazing poems you have written and enjoy reading them.  This week for our poetry we are thinking about rhyming poems.  If you struggle to think of a word to rhyme you can use the online rhyme zone. You type the word in and it gives you a list of rhyming words to help you. This week we are thinking about the poem PLEASE DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS by Robert Hull. I have included a copy below. You are going to write one of your own based on the layout of Please don't feed the animals. I have included a few examples for you, you can base it on feeding animals or feeding people, you decide. Please write a minimum of 8 animals or people and think of a good ending, it would be lovely for you to share your poem on the gallery so we can all see what fantastic poets you are. Here are some ideas to start each verse with :- please do not feed....   do not offer.....   remember not to give ......  never give....


Enjoy your weekend, we are enjoying seeing your work on the gallery keep posting we are really impressed with how well you are all working.🤩 I have included a short clip for you to watch which links with our theme of animals eating. Anteaters don’t have teeth they have very long tongues.


lego challenge this week see if you can make an anteater with a lloooooonnnnnnngg tongue😛


Keep reading and writing in your diary. Take care and stay safe.😃