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Finish off your week with a ‘Minecraft’ yoga lesson


Today I would like you to have a go at sticking the endangered animals on the correct places on the uploaded world map, as to where they live. I will give a list of a selection of animals and I would like you to use the internet to find out where these animals live. Either write down the name of the country or print out the world map and label it, drawing a line from the country and writing the name of the animal or cutting and sticking the picture.

Next, I would like you to paint or draw pictures of as many endangered animals as you would like, around A5 size. When they are dry, if you have some string, you can make cut around these animals, make a small hole in each end of the pictures and lace them onto the string to create an endangered animals ‘line’ so everyone in your household can learn which animals are endangered and need our help!

Amur Leopard

Black Rhino


Cross River Gorilla

Hawksbill Turtle

Asian Elephant

Sunda Tiger

Galapagos Penguin

Whale Shark

Polar Bear

White Rose Maths

Wow! Some dragon flying lessons today. Time and see how fast you can fly around different rooms in the house. What are you going to use to time yourself? Time other people in your house. Are they faster or slower than you?

Some baking!!! And some beautiful dragon descriptions.


Marvellous Maths

Take a look at the ‘What am I?’ power-point and see if your child can name the shape, just by listening to the property clues.


Next, I have uploaded some shape sorting posters, shape cards and a prompt card with instructions on. Either print of draw these out. Select 2 posters and encourage your child to sort the shapes based on what the posters say.


Lastly I have uploaded a Maths Mastery Making 2D shapes activity for you to enjoy!