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Good morning Year 6,

I hope that you had a good day yesterday. It's nearly the weekend! Here is your work for today:


Maths - GOAL: To practise and apply known multiplication and division facts

Before you start on the Target Your Maths questions, I would like you to do the times tables speed challenge. This will warm your brains up for your multiplication and division facts questions.

Some of the questions involve decimals. Remember to think about your place value for these questions.

If you have the question 8 x 0.6, you should use your knowledge of the 8 x table to work out that 8 x 6 = 48, so 8 x 0.6 is 10 times less, so you need to divide 48 by 10 which is 4.8. 

When you have a missing number question such as ? x 6 = 5.4, then you will have to do the inverse, which would be 5.4 divided by 6, which would be 0.9. An easier way to do it would be to multiply 5.4 x 10 to get 54 then divide by 6 = 9, now divide this by 10 and you get 0.9. I am sure you will find your own strategies. Good luck!


Literacy - GOAL: Comprehension questions

These questions are about Chapter 1 from Kensuke's Kingdom. Answer the questions in full sentences. Don't look at the answers until you complete all the questions to the best of your ability.


Finally, ask your parents to test you on this week's spellings.


Have a good weekend.


Mrs Betteley



Answers for page 24 Remainders as fractions and page 25 Rounding up or down

Maths - GOAL: To practise and apply multiplication/division facts

Literacy - Comprehension questions on Chapter 1 of Kensuke's Kingdom