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Good Morning, it's FANTASTIC FRIDAY, remember to join in with the singing assembly.



Thank you to those who have sent in your poems, please keep sending them in.  This week in poetry we are looking at alliteration which means we are going to make up your own tongue twister. Follow the BBC Bitesize clip to give you an understanding of alliteration.  I have attached an alliteration generator for you: in the first box you put a name and a verb, you do not need to put anything in the optional box and then just put your name in the pen box and it will give you a phrase of alliteration to help you create your tongue twister. Or you can use the worksheet I have attached and make your own alliteration poem.

Friday  Fantastic. Facts
MATHS we are moving onto some geometry GOAL about acute, right angles and obtuse.   Remember a right angle is a corner like a L and is 90 degrees, acute is smaller than a right angle and obtuse larger than a right angle. I have included a clip to help recap on angles and also a link on espresso with some practical sorting activities before you begin your work. I have also added on a loom to help you with your worksheets. You will not be measuring angles so you don’t need a protractor. A full turn in a circle is 360 degrees, there are 4 right angles in a circle think of the clock face, from 12 to 3 there is one right angle, another one from 3 to 6, another one from 6 to 9 and a final one from 9 to 12. This makes a total of 4 right angles 4 x 90 = 360 so there is a maximum of 360 degrees. If you are not sure whether an angle is acute or obtuse use the corner of a piece of paper and put one edge on the line of the angle. If you can’t see the angle it’s acute, if you can see it, it’s obtuse.
Take care and have a good weekendsmiley