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Well, it's Friday already, with only one week left until the summer holidays! Next week's tasks will be a little different, to celebrate all of your hard work! So, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for working so hard throughout this difficult period of time!


I know that it hasn't always been easy to keep motivated, but I know that you've all tried extremely hard, and done an amazing job! Well done to all of you- you should be proud of yourselves! 


Thank you also to all parents, for supporting and helping your children at home. I know the children will be extremely grateful, as are all of the staff at school!


Have a wonderful summer, and I hope that you enjoy the activities next week! Roll on September!


Mrs Timms laugh

1) GOAL- Arithmetic (Maths)

First of all, remember to mark your work from yesterday.


As usual, Friday is arithmetic day! Give it your best shot! Are your scores improving each week? Remember to check any which you went wrong on and see if you can work out why! I've left the answers on today, so that you can mark it once you've finished, as next week's tasks will be a little different!

2) GOAL- To read and understand texts (Reading)

First of all, you can mark your GPS answers from yesterday! Then, have a go at your reading comprehension! Remember to answer in as much detail as possible. Again, I've left the answers on there today, so you can check once you've finished.


Once you've finished, look up any words which you are unsure of the meaning of in a dictionary. You could use a physical dictionary or one on the internet if you don't have one. Write down the definitions of the words in your book!