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Finish off your week with a ‘hand washing’ yoga lesson!


Today we are going to go ‘off topic’ as such and look at transition. Now last week you will have an your transition session with Mrs Longfield. I have uploaded an ‘All About Me’ booklet, transition from EYFS to Year 1. If possible, please could you fill this in as much as possible. If you would like to, you can drop the booklet into school during that last week and I will pass it on to Mrs Longfield. Or, you can keep hold of it and bring it in on the first day back in September.

White Rose Maths

Exciting things today…! Making a volcano, designing your own planet and looking at how dinosaurs have been sorted into sets.

Marvellous Maths

Today we are looking at doubling and halving.  I would like you to watch my loom. In the background there will be a scene to look at and during the loom I will ask some problem solving questions which may require you to figure out half or double of a number of something in the picture. Figure out your answers (try to remember some as you should know some off by heart!) using different methods we have looked at such as counting on from a bigger number in your head or using objects or a number line to help you.

I will go through the answers at the end.

Parents, I have uploaded both the poster and question sheet as there are more questions that could be asked, I only chose a few. You may want to print the poster out to make it larger.