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Good morning Nursery,


You made's Friday and your last day of home-learning before the summer holidays. Next week, we have planned fun activities for you to carry out throughout the week.


Task 1

Practise the alphabet song together. Don't forget that the letters in the songs are the names of the letters.


Task 2

It's time to get active with our P.E session for this week. We thought it would be nice to do something a little bit different so we are going to have a try at some yoga today.

Have fun!


Task 3

Together play alphabet hunt. We have covered all the letters of the alphabet now except for 'x'. Write the letters on individual pieces of paper and check which sounds your child has remembered. If there are any that they've forgotten then you could stick them somewhere, like your fridge, to practise. Use the letters that your child has remembered to play the game. You could split the cards in half and let your child hide some to make it more fun. Take turns to find a letter.



We would just like to say a big thank you, for all of your hard work, both parents and children. This hasn't been an easy time but you made it! We are really sad that we couldn't finish this last term together but we are looking forward to seeing you in September, looking all grown up in your school uniform!


Good luck, to those of you who are moving on to your new school. We will miss you very much.


Have an amazing last week, next week and enjoy your summer holidays.


Warmest wishes,

Mrs Loquens, Miss Leeson, Mrs Perry and Mrs Huckfield