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Hello Everyone! It's Friday!


Picture 1

For Literacy today we need to have completed our project for the week.  I thought a nature project would tie in nicely with our story from earlier in the week and as the weather has been so nice that using the outdoor space would be fun to do! 


Your Literacy challenge for today is to write about your nature frame picture.  You can choose your style of writing.

You could:

1.  Write a story based on the nature picture you have created


2. Choose an item from your nature picture and write about an adventure it could like to - like in our story 


3. Use your adjectives and verbs and describe your picture (include some of our positional language from maths too!)


4.  Create a poem


5.  Your own idea!  The above are just suggestions, you can be as creative as you like with this writing challenge

Math's today is a fun game to play to nicely end our learning on position and direction.  Have fun playing the game and then have a go at making up some of your own challenges too!