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Friday 8th January

Good morning well done you have completed your first week of homeschooling. We have eased you in gradually this week, next week you will have more work which will be set on google classroom and we will be doing a class meet. Please bear with us if there are a few hitches as we are still getting used to working on the chrome books. Please remember to do some reading.


In our work today we are going to think about what it means to be a monarch. Watch the loom before you do the work, you will be doing this written work in your purple books but not on the first page as it’s for your title page. Make your ideas exciting for being the monarch, we shall look forwards to hearing your ideas. Think about your presentation and you can correct your work with red pen at the end.


Today we would like you to do some times tables rockstars at least 10 minutes.  In your pack which you should all have now you will have 3 Arithmetic maths tests, today I would like you to do Spring Test 1.  When we do this in class I give you 20 minutes and you are meant to have a go at all the questions, have your best guess if you are not sure.  Some of you will do it in less time and some will need all the time.  Do this on your own like we do in class.  Once you have completed your work watch the loom as it has the answers on it, you may need to pause the loom to mark your work.  Do your answers in pencil and mark in red, keep your paper so I can see your scores when you return to school.  On the loom are the answers to the Roman numeral work which you did yesterday so have this work ready to mark.  You will  need to  pause the loom to mark your Roman numeral work.


Today I am going to read the third part of the story of the Bayeux Tapestry, this is the part of the story where there is a quarrel between Harold and William, which leads William to do a military invasion of England.  Make sure you listen to find out why they become enemies.

If you have Lego at home or you want to make something from recycling we will set you a challenge that you can show us in google meet.  This week’s Lego challenge is to make a crown for a monarch. 

Have a good weekend, keep smiling and stay safe😀