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It's Friday!!! You made it!


This morning, we thought we would have a go at doing virtual PE!


Task 1

Find a space, holding out your arms in all directions to make sure you are not touching anything. Listen and follow the actions on the Tumble Tots song to get your body warmed up and moving!


Wake Up Our Muscles

Next, we are going to use all our fire fighter knowledge! Watch the video below of Mrs Loquens showing us some fire fighter moves! Have a go at copying the moves and putting them all together. Grown ups, you could call out some of the moves and see if your child can remember what they were and join in!

Don't forget to cool down some stretches and calm movements. Feel your heart and see if you can feel it beating. Does your face feel different? What has happened to your breath?

Well done! P.E. complete!


Task 2

Let's play number splat today! Find or make some simple number cards and use a splatter to splat the number! You could use a spoon or a stick or anything as a splatter! Ask your grown ups to call out a number and see if you can splat it as quickly as  you can! 

Grown ups - Use whichever numbers your child is more comfortable with. Start with numbers 0-5, then increase if  they find this easy. Each child is at different points. Try and get a good balance between ones they know really well and ones they are not as sure about. 


Well done everyone! 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson