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Friday 8th January

Hello Class 5,


I hope that you managed to do the work yesterday alright. The topic work can be done over a few days, I just wanted to get you started on our new topic, so don't worry if you didn't finish everything from yesterday. 


Today, I have a bit of a surprise for you. During the holidays, I started reading Middleworld and when I was looking for resources I came across the author's website and requested some of their teacher resources. To my amazement, Jon Voelkel (one of the authors) emailed me. He has sent a special link to Quinton Primary School to watch a virtual author visit and I have included the link to it for you to watch today. I think that you will really enjoy it! I will ask you about it on Tuesday when we have our Google Meet, so make sure you have a look at it. I promise you it's well worth watching!


Today's work:


1. Listen to Chapter 1 - Bad News

2. Writing - GOAL: Write a diary entry as Max

3. Maths - GOAL: Numbers to a Million

4. Arithmetic test spring 1



GOAL: Numbers to a million


Listen to the loom video about numbers to a million, which explains the questions, and then complete the varied fluency and reasoning and problem solving sheets (you don't need to do all the questions, either try D,E or GD. Remember to try and have a go at some more challenging questions if you can.


NB** Mrs Betteley has made a couple of deliberate mistakes in the loom video when describing the value of some digits in a couple of the numbers, see if you can spot them! Let me know when you comment on the loom video and I will see who is eagle-eyed and has been concentrating really well!


Arithmetic test spring 1 - Read through the questions carefully, making sure that you know what operation you are being asked for in the question and always check your answer afterwards and at the end when you have finished the test. The answer sheets for these tests are in your packs that will be collected for you today, but don't look at the answers. Get your parents to mark the questions afterwards and make a note of your score and I will collect these in next Tuesday at our Google meet session. If you get any wrong, try and work out where you went wrong, as this will help you to learn and in future tests when you have a similar question. Making mistakes is alright as long as you work out where you have made the error and you understand how to answer such a question for another time.


Good luck!


GOAL: Writing a diary entry as Max (planning sheet and success criteria)