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Friday 8th January

Good Morning Year  6!


We hope that you've all had a good week, and have managed to get lots of home learning done! To finish off the week, we have some Maths and Grammar for you! Have a lovely weekend everyone!


GOAL- To divide by 10, 100 and 1,000

Mark yesterday's questions and remember to have a go at your corrections. Then, watch the Loom and have a go at your work! 



Fridays will have a grammar focus so click on today's loom to see me talking through the questions. You can pause the video and answer the questions as you go or save it until the end of the video. 



Goodnight Mr. Tom class reader


What do you think of the book so far? Feel free to comment on the looms with your thoughts about the characters. No comments needed on the dodgy accent! :)

Some of the chapters are quite long so I will post them in two parts but please make sure you listen to both so that you stay on track with the story.