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Jamie Year 1- Letter to Dexter
Another lovely letter Jamie. heart It's great to see you looking forward to the Summer holidays and starting a new adventure in Year 2 in September. laughheart

Note from home- "Damien was very proud of his diary entry!"

Damien Year 1- Diary Entry

Damien, what an exciting time you've had! I'd love to see the Bog Baby in person. It's a shame that he couldn't stay in your garden but I think that your Mum is right and he'll be happier back in his forest.laughheart

Matilda Reception- Rainforest Animal
This is a beautiful picture Tilly. The variety of different creatures that you've managed to include is superb - I particularly like your chameleon and the way that your forest meets the sea. laughheart
Your flower pictures are lovely Charlotte. Your use of colour and shading from dark to light is excellent. laughheart
Poppy Year 5- Rainforest Animal
I can see that you've put a lot of thought into your rain forest animal Poppy. Fantastic detail, well done! laughyes
Newpaper Report
A fantastic article Lilly and Alfie. We are all very proud of you both. Well done. laughyesheart
Wow Jack, another excellent selection of work. I can see that the Fairtrade & Cocoa/chocolate work really caught your imagination. You've done some great research and presented it beautifully - Well Done! laughheart
A lovely selection of your work Lily. I particularly like all of the information that you've gathered about the planets - your Jupiter facts are fantastic - Well Done! laughheart
Olivia Reception- Lost Tooth
Great photo Olivia - will the Tooth Fairy be visiting Quinton tonight? laugh
Chelsea Year 6- 3D shapes
A great use of 3D shape nets Chelsea. This must have taken a lot of time and patience - Well Done! laugh

Note from home- "During lockdown Lily and Alfie Roberts have been reading to their Nanny via FaceTime as they could not see her, as she lives a long way away. She saw how the Duchess of Cornwall has been promoting reading and wrote to her. This was her reply. The Stratford Herald may do a feature on it this week, as their Nanny was so pleased with the letter she wrote to them."

Lily and Alfie Letter from the Duchess of Cornwall
Wow, what a lovely letter. You must have been very excited to receive this, especially as this lady may, one day, be our Queen. You will have to let us know if it is going to be in the Stratford Herald. As the Duchess said, your Grandparents are very important people, so it is fantastic that you've been able to stay in touch and read together. laughheart
Jamie Year 1- Letter to Dexter
Another super letter Jamie. I'm sure it must have been lovely to see your Nanny after so long. The photo of you and Blue has put a smile on my face - you both look very happy. laughheart
Bret Year 5- Rainforest Animal

Bret, Year 5, Topic/Science Project, Invent a rain forest animal.


Bret, I can see that you have put a lot of thought into all of the elements that would allow this creature to thrive in the rain forest, well done. I wonder what the name of this species might be? laugh



Note from home- "The crystals started to form after about 10 hours, we then left them undisturbed for about a week. We had a little kit to make ours. We have since read that you can use epsom salts, food coloring and a bamboo stick. The finished crystals are very pretty. "

Thanks Heidi & Archie, it's so nice to see the finished crystals. They look amazing. laughheart
This looks tricky Heidi. Are you adding the colour after the crystals have grown? It looks like the crystals have grown all over your cup, as well as inside it. laugh
Heidi Year 3- Poppy Picture
That's a huge insect amongst your poppies Heidi. I hope it's not the hungry caterpillar, as I think he's quite partial to poppies...crying

Note from home- "Heidi and Archie made a tiny pond using 2 black bin bags, some stones and some branches for shade we now have some frogs hopping around next to it! "

This is a great idea! What a lovely way to encourage wildlife into your garden. If you're really lucky then you may get newts, as well as frogs moving in...laughheart
This looks like a very exciting activity Archie. I can see that you're having to be careful with the chemicals. How long does it take for the crystals to grow?
Archie Year 1- Poppy Picture.
A lovely picture of poppies Archie. I particularly like the delicate stems and the different colours and shades of the grass. heart

Note from home- "Alfie still writes a diary most days. Yesterday was his Birthday, so he had allot to say about yesterday! "

Alfie Year 2- Diary
Happy 'Belated' Birthday Alfie! You've had a very busy few days. Why do you think the animals were so grumpy at the park? Perhaps they've been missing all of their visitors? Please keep up with your diary. It's great practice for your writing and you'll enjoy rereading it in a few years time, when you're older. laugh
Kiera, this is a lovely selection of work. Your rain forest interview is very detailed and your poem conjures up clear pictures of the animals living there. Your rain forest model and forestry school pictures are very clever - I particularly like your rabbit. laughheart

Riley, Year 4, Chocolate Project, chocolate & strawberry marble cake.


Riley, your cake looks delicious. Well done on creating a perfect marble effect. laughheart

Noah Year 2- Lighthouse
This is a super model Noah, you should be very proud. I particularly like how you've created a whole, seaside scene by adding the rocks and fabric - I can almost hear the sea crashing on the rocks...laughheart

Note from home- "Jamie is super proud of his project work this week. Earth made from paper mache. He enjoyed thinking about naming his own planet, Emerald earth that would have lots of giants living on it and if he travelled to space he would make sure he took yorkshire puddings in his rucksack 😊"

What a fantastic model Jamie - Emerald Earth is a great choice for it's name, it looks very lush with greenery. I can see that the 'Space' theme has really caught your imagination. You're taking yorkshire puddings to space? Can I bring the gravy? Yum! laughheart
Wow Charlotte, I can see that you've been working hard. I'm sure that your Nanna loves your poem as much as I do. Your fossil hunting story is super, as is your dinosaur work. However, I think your 'planets' work is my favourite. You've laid it out really well, using pictures to compliment the facts that you have written. Well done! laughheart
Heidi & Archie, what a fantastic idea to surf in your garden, especially when it's so hot. If you can't go to the seaside, bring the seaside to you...heart
Poppy Year 5- Capybara Rainforest Animal Poem
Your Capybara looks very happy Poppy. I'm not surprised after all the fun they've had in your poem. laugh I think Capybara's look like giant Guinea Pigs - what do you think? heart
Matilda Reception- Anteater Poster
Your anteater picture has really made me smile today Matilda. laugh I love all of your shading for his fur. What a fantastic message, on your poster, to look after our rain forests and save the anteater. heart
Jamie Year 1- Letter to a friend
Another lovely letter Jamie. How are you getting on with riding your bike? Hopefully, it won't be too long before we can see our friends again. heart

Note from home-" It didn’t quite foam as much as we would of liked but it was fun to make."

This looks like great fun Jamie. You've used some fantastic colours on your volcano - it looks very realistic when it erupts. yes laugh

Archie Year 1- Volcano Video

Still image for this video
The suspense Archie! Watching your video was like being flown around in a helicopter and then the volcano erupts! Fantastic! laugh

Note from home- "Phoebe's courgettes have grown, one happy little lady "

Phoebe Year 1- Home Grown
A lovely photo Phoebe. It's great to see your and your Dad's hard work pay off. So, are courgettes a fruit or a vegetable? laughheart

A wonderful rainforest poem by Ryan in Year 5!

Wow Ryan! What brilliant descriptions and a great use of your imagination. I can see your animals clearly and feel the rain forest around me...a lovely piece of work, well done! yes heart
Laura, you're making me feel very hungry laugh That looks delicious - I can see that you've worked safely at the hob and created a yummy meal for your family. Have you tried any more Mexican food? heart
Poppy Year 5- Rousseau Collage
What a great interpretation of a rain forest, in the style of Henri Rousseau. I really like how you've used different shades of green and different shapes to evoke texture Poppy. laughheart


Lovely to see so much fantastic work Jimmy. I particularly like your writing about Shakespeare and the superbly detailed drawing that you made of him. Your Mount Kilimanjaro model shows a great use of texture and colour and the facts attached are well researched. Well done! laugh

Note from home- "He has had his highest score this week in his big maths being 35/42 in 60 secs! He never thought he could beat 32 he got last week but smashed it!"

What fantastic maths Bobby. Well done on beating your best, previous score. You've obviously been working very hard. laugh

Note from home- "Phoebe and her dad love being in the garden and growing vegetables. We have carrots, courgettes, sweetcorn, leaks and potatoes "

Wow! Phoebe, you and your Dad have been very busy in the garden. I think you must both have green fingers. Just think of all the delicious meals that you'll be able to make from these lovely, home-grown ingredients...yum!
Matilda Reception- Rainforest Model

This is a really detailed rain forest Matilda. I love how you've used different shades of green and created different textures to show the layers: emergent, canopy, understorey and forest floor - well done!


The snail goes to the moon. What an exciting story Alfie. I love how the snail sneaks on to Apollo 11 and ends up going so fast, fantastic! laughheart

Joshua, your limerick has really put a smile on my face laugh I think that lots of people's hair will be very long, by the time that we're all back together in school...


From your poem, I can tell that you've been busy during lockdown. Moving house must have been exciting. Did it take lots of practice to do front flips on your trampoline?




Bret Year 5- Surprised

Bret, Year 5, Rainforest collage in the style of Henri Rousseau’s ‘Surprised’, (Week 3 project).


Bret, great use of colour. Your use of different shades of green and the range of textures really create a feeling of an exotic landscape. I can definitely see how Henri Rousseau influenced your work.


Another lovely piece of written work from you Lilly laugh I love the message - to help others if you can. I particularly like your illustrations, which really bring your story to life. heart
Szymon, you've written a lovely story with a great message - even if you're young, you can be brave and help others, well done! heart
Jamie Year1- Balloon Writing
Your balloon writing is very descriptive Jamie - I can see the mountains and really hope that the balloons don't crash...surprise
Jamie Year 1- Letter to his friend
Jamie, this is a lovely, caring letter to your friend Dexter. I'm sure that he'll be really pleased to hear from you. It's good to hear that you've been practising 'telling the time' and using real money to help you with counting. Your Mum is doing a great job as your teacher. laughheart
Syzmon Year 2- English
The snail and the whale, super creative writing Szymon. You've put together some excellent rhyming words too. I particularly like your drawing - the colours really pop! heart
Szymon Year 2 - Maths
I can see how hard you've worked with measurement Szymon, very clear and neat, well done! laugh

Note from home "After completing his worksheet on weight independently on Monday, he showed me this which he had competed without prompting, without me even being in the same room! "

Alfie Year 1- Balance
A great piece of independent investigation Alfie. I like how you've clearly written and explained your results. laugh
Nelly Year 1 Writing
A lovely piece of writing Nelly, well done! smiley

Archie Year 1 Bike.mp4

Still image for this video
Archie Year 1- Bike Riding
Very proficient cycling Archie and a great way to stay fit.smiley
Archie Year 1- Art
This looks very professional Archie. It looks like you've got some lovely detail on your poppy drawing. Perhaps we could see a photo of the finished article? smiley
Amber Year 3- Lego Eiffel Tower Poster
Wow! Your poster is nearly as tall as you Amber laugh It's really eye-catching with lots of relevant information. I remember the first time that I saw the Eiffel Tower. I was about your age, on a school trip and couldn't believe how tall it was.
Lillian Year 3- Paris Leaflet
Your Paris leaflet is a lovely piece of work Lilly. It's full of great detail & really makes me feel that I'd like to make a return visit to Paris soon...heart

Note from home "Heidi is growing crystals."

Heidi Year 3- Science
Growing crystals? This looks like a fun, science project that needs a steady hand. Looking forward to seeing your progress...smiley

Note from home "We have seen lots of caterpillars on our woodland walks."

Heidi Year 3- Caterpillars
What a wonderful photo Heidi laugh The woods are going to be full of butterflies - perhaps you could try and get a photo of them once they've transformed from their metamorphosis.

Note from home- "Ellie's sunflowers have finally come into flower, she has been watering them most days and helped to re-pot them and tie them to the stakes. She's very proud of all her hard work! They measure a huge 1.15m!"

Ellie Year 2- Sunflowers
Wow Ellie, they're nearly as tall as you! Gardening takes lots of patience and care, so it looks like you're a born gardener. laugh My sunflowers are only just starting to bud and they're not as tall as yours.

Note from home- "Sophia’s limerick all about her dog Stanley, it’s his 1st Birthday on 15th June so Sophia’s so excited."

Sophia Year 4- Limerick
Fantastic Sophia! Happy Birthday to Stanley - I hope you all enjoy the party. laughheart

Note from parent- 'Georgia has enjoyed an online art course and created this picture using acrylic paints. She has learnt how to mix different colours, blending and using different brush strokes to create her masterpiece'

Georgia- Work of art
A beautiful picture Georgia, well done. I love your use of colour and perspective.heart
Georgia Year 4- Limerick
I love a nonsense limerick Georgia and yours has put a big smile on my face today. I'm hoping that we'll be seeing a few more from your classmates.laughheart
Zac Year 4 - What is behind the door?
Great use of your imagination Zac. I can really feel how scared the elf is through your words and picture.surprise
Great article Bret. I think it is an important issue for us all to learn about.
Damien Year 1- Dinosaur Facts
What fantastic dinosaur facts Damien. Do you have a favourite dinosaur? Mine is the Triceratops heart Well done for including details of dinosaur diets; carnivores, herbivores and omnivores smiley
Finn Year 4- Poem
Finn Year 4- Poem
Finn, what a cool poem smiley I'm not sure which food I'd like least...worms, liver or blue cheese...frown

Note from home "Heath enjoyed writing his own version of the poem Please Don’t Feed The Animals by Robert Hull"

Heath Year 4- Poem
Heath, I can see that you've had fun finding rhymes for all of these different animals, well done! I don't think Id be very happy if I couldn't have chocolate cake...sad

Note from home "Sophia’s been writing great poetry over the last couple of weeks using lovely descriptive words."

Sophia Year 4- Poem
Sophia Year 4 -Rainbow
Sophia, you have used some lovely descriptive words in your poems - I have a funny image in my head of 'no whale drinks pale ale'...smiley Your rainbow illustration is a vibrant addition to your writing - it really pops!
Darcy Reception- Snake Poem
Darcy Reception- Snake Model
Darcy Reception- Snake Model.
You have been busy Darcy smiley Is your snake friendly? He certainly looks it, so sparkly! Your snake poem has really made me smile and your picture, with the repeating pattern, makes him look very realistic heart
Jamie Year 1- Adventure Story

Jamie, you've made some lovely pictures for your project work, did you find all of the flowers and leaves in your garden?

Your dragon story is very exciting - I don't think I'd like to be pulled into a game, especially if I had to look after six baby dragons all by myself smiley

Joshua, reading your poem has put a massive smile on my face today laugh Definitely some good rules to follow - think I'll leave the cowpats and stick with the chocolate...winkheart
Nelly Year 1- Wedding Day
Nelly, these are so beautiful. I love your happy smile, the bouquet in your hand and the flowers in your hair.heart
Mollie- Poem
Lovely work Mollie smiley I can see that you've really enjoyed researching and explaining where food comes from. A beautifully written poem and some detailed illustrations - mango is one of my favourites...heart
Riley- Year 4- Cracking Crisp Chef
Riley, those crisps look delicious! Am I looking at the next Jamie Oliver?
Nelly-Year1- Seascape
What a fantastic seascape Nelly. I love your starfish and clownfish but I think my favourite has got to be your shark with his impressive teeth...surprise
Well done Bret on creating a very professional and eye-catching PowerPoint. I never knew turtles could swim as deep as 1000 feet!
Amber's seedlings

Well done Amber, plum tomatoes are my favourite smileyheart. Perhaps you could send us some more pictures, once your        seedlings have grown some more?



Note from home, " these are the tomatoes Amber year 3 grew on the window sill from sliced plum tomatoes."

This is a lovely acrostic poem Kamil. Your brave Grandad Andrew must be very special to you.



Archie Year 1 Poem

Still image for this video
Archie, what a fantastic poem. You read it beautifully - I particularly liked how you liked ALL of the Clown Doctors' jokes.
Archie Year 1 - Clown Poem