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Mon 19th July

Good morning Year 2,

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend - we're so lucky with the weather at the moment, so it makes it easier for us to isolate.  


Yes, it's Sports Day and you are not going to be missing out on some sporting activities, so I hope you are ready!


If you would like to take photos of any of the activites/tasks that you try over the next three days, make a little scrapbook/journal/diary and keep it until September.  I would really love to see them when we are all back at school.


First of all, a short warm-up.  Watch the video and do each warm up activity as you go along.  

Now have a go at as many of the activities/challenges as you like.  There are lots to choose from.  Try to get the family involved too as it will be much more fun!  Remember to record your points/times!  Saying that, it's not about the winning is it? It's about taking part and most of all, having FUN! 

Athletics Activities

  • Standing Long Jump

Lay a tape measure out.  Start behind the 0cm mark and make the best standing long jump that you can. Do this 3 times and record your best score.


  • Shuttle run

Get a tape measure and place two objects 3 metres apart.  You have 30 seconds to get from one object to the other and back, as many times as you can.  Record your score.


  •  Egg and Spoon

Get an egg (you could hard boil it!) or a kiwi fruit and place it on a spoon. Place an object 3 metres away.  Then run to the object and back 5 times in total.  Add 2 seconds on to your score, every time your egg/kiwi fruit falls off the spoon. Record your time.


  • Standing High Jump

Stand next to a wall and raise your hand as high as possible.  Get an adult to mark the spot where your fingertips reach.  Then make 3 vertical jumps and your partner should measure how much extra distance you've jumped.  Record your best height.

Sport Specific Challenges

  • Record how many penalties you can score into a goal with a football in one minute. 
  • How many bounces can you do with a frying pan and a rolled up pair of socks? Use the frying pan to make the sock go above your head and then catch it again in the pan.  Do this as many times as you can in 30 seconds.  Record your result.

Skills Challenges

  • How long can you balance on one leg for?  Record your time.
  • How long can you hold a plank position for?  Every second that you manage will be worth a point.  To make it easier, you can do it on your knees.  To make it harder, do it on one elbow and one foot!  Record your points.

Mental Challenges - Think!

  • How many different ways can you get a ball into a bucket?
  • Without throwing, how far away can you get a rolled up pair of socks?

Silly Sports Challenges

  • Tights bowling challenge.  Put a tennis ball or an apple into the leg of an old pair of tights and put the tights on your head.  Then try to knock down a line of objects e.g. bottles of water (see picture below) in as quick a time as possible.  You can do this individually (timed) or against a partner (the winner is the person who knocks them all down first).  


  • Try putting on as many clothes as possible in one minute.
  • Try eating ice cream or a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork.

Alternatively, if you're not able to do any of the above activities, check out the 60 second challenges by clicking on the link below.  There are lots to try!

Once you've had a rest after all your sporting activities, you can wind down with a Sports Day word search and an A - Z task.  Just click on the links below.