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Good morning, welcome back to your final term in Year 3. I hope you relaxed and had some fun last week. Here are your tasks for this Monday (I’ll leave the PE out from now on, as those that are doing this must know how to find the lessons):


Once again, don’t worry if you can’t complete all the work, just do your best.




Answers to Friday’s Questions:

Maths starter activity:

As before, write down your score in the back of your maths book. Can you beat your last score? Hopefully, by now you are ready to focus on the x3 and x4 tables. Perhaps, you could even try the x8 (which is just double x4).



GOAL- To Multiplication and Division Problem Solving

Today’s lesson uses the word “scaling”. This means: “How many times more”


So, if you have 8 grapes and 2 apples. How many times more grapes do you have?

Or you could think of this as “What would you multiply 2 (grapes) by to get the 8 (apples)?”   2 x ? = 8      The answer is 4.

(It does not matter that they are different things!)


Clue to Q8: Use a bar model. Start with making Alex = 1 small rectangle. Then draw all the other lengths underneath… good luck


To work out the answers to today’s questions, I think some of us will want to have lots of objects to show the questions with – buttons, bits of pasta… anything small.


Watch this video (Week 4 Lesson 4) to help with today’s Problems Solving Multiplication and Division lesson:

Today’s Task:

Extension Task:

If you do want to do some more, try these questions:

Remember, don’t do them all, just pick a section to look at:

Q1-Q3 = Easier

Q4-Q6 = Medium

Q5-Q9 = Harder



GOAL: To Write About Famous French Foods


Today’s task is to write some non-fiction (facts) about French foods. You’ll need a few paragraphs which can have subheadings. A short introduction and conclusion would be great too. You can add drawings or pictures if you want.


In this video, I’ll explain a little more. I've also added the PowerPoint with me talking:

Here is an example of how this writing could look:


If you click on this website, you’ll find an interactive word search of French Foods. Just holder the cursor down to highlight the word. Can you find out what the words mean?