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Good Morning Year 2, 

I hope you've had a relaxing weekend with your family.  


If you haven't already watched it, there's a short video clip from Ros and Jim for you.  I've just watched it and I have really enjoyed hearing from them.  


Do keep sending in your photos if you can.  I managed to speak to some of your parents last week, if I haven't seen you in person passing the school when we've been outside, and it's been lovely to catch up a little bit with them(you!) about how you're doing.  I really think that you're all amazing, including your parents.  At the very least, keep working on reading, spelling, counting and times tables and you won't go wrong!  Just do your best! Well done everyone. I'm very proud of you yes


So, it's Monday again! Time to work.


We're going to continue our work on 'Time'. How did you get on with the 5 minute intervals?  Keep practising and asking your adults to 'test' you on the time, especially the 5 minute intervals. I know you can do it. Knowing how to count in 5s will also be an enormous help wink


Starter Activity 

Hit the Button - x5 tables 

Take a look at the powerpoint and afterwards, have a go at the activity.  If you do that easily yes, try the extension!


GOAL: Describe a character's thoughts and feelings

Have a great day!