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Good Morning Year 2, Happy Monday!

Start your day with Cosmic Yoga or Joe Wicks. 



Starter Activity:  Hit the Button, times tables.

*Don't forget to complete your Mathletics work for Wednesday*
Now we're moving on to capacity. Take a look at the powerpoint, then have a go at the activity.  Good Luck!  There is an extension (EX) if you want to do more. yes
GOAL: To compare mass


GOAL: words that rhyme

Listen to the story of the Snail and the Whale on the link.  Or, if you've got the story book at home, then read that instead.  Afterwards, I'd like you to write down all the rhyming words in the story.  Then make a list of other words that you can think of that rhyme with snail, sky, etc.  (They may have a different spelling pattern but still rhyme!).  


Then choose 6 of the words and write a sentence with each one.