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Monday 16th

Good morning everyone and welcome to odd socks day! I hope you are all wearing socks that don't match? Please post a photo of yourself with your feet in the air wearing your odd socks, onto Tapestry...We would have been doing this as a whole class today...I can then merge all the pictures to create a collage!


First on the agenda...


Next, we are going to discuss Anti-bullying week and why we are wearing odd socks. Ask your child what they think bullying means? Do they know what someone might do to someone else that isn't kind? What should they do if someone isn't kind to them?


Look through the Anti-bullying powerpoint together and discuss as you go along. When you get to the page 'We are all different' explain why we are wearing odd socks - To show that we are all different and special (unique) an it doesn't matter if we look different or like different things.



Happy Handwriting (Group 5)

Today you are going to practice writing the letter 's'.

You can click on the Espresso link below and login in using Username: student29797 Password: quinton

In the search bar type 'handwriting'. Click on the result with the 'F' next to it. Click on 'videos' on the left hand side and then scroll down to find the lowercase 's'. This will show your child how to form it correctly. They may find it difficult to make an anti-clockwise movement to start the letter off and so I use the terminology 'make a rainbow' to help them. 

Give your child time to write this letter over and over again. This helps them to get used to the feel of the shape of the letter as they write it. Even hold their hand and guide their hand to form the letter if they are struggling.


As we are unable to change your reading books at the moment, here is a link to the 'Oxford Reading Owl' website which has a variety of 'e-books' your child can read. 

First click on the link below, scroll down and click on 'browse e-books'. Then click on 'browse the e-book library'. Then, in the top right hand corner, click on 'log in'. 


Password: Purple20 

Then you can scroll down.


Miss Johnson's Phonics Group - 'Sound Blending' 1 (4th row)

We have done lots of work on listening to the beginning and end sounds in words, and also an adult sounding a word out and the children listening to what word it is. This 'reading' of words will be a new experience for them. Give them time to get used to saying the sounds in the word. Encourage them to say them faster and faster and then ask them what they think the word says. Be patient, and don't worry if they are finding it a bit tricky. Keep revisiting this during the week. The more they hear the sounds blended, this will train their brain to blend sounds into words. 


Mr Singleton's Group - Big Bad Bug (3rd row)

Feel free to browse through the other e-books. Some are quite tricky with sounds in words we have not learnt yet and others may be more appropriate. 

Here are a couple of activities for today!


Design a pair of odd socks

Use the template below or draw your own sock outlines to design a pair of odd socks. You can use whatever media or art techniques you would like (Pens, crayons, oil pastels, wax crayons, collage, paint, printing). Make them bright and bold! Use patterns that you may find on socks such as repeating pictures, spots, zig-zags, stripes, spirals, wavy lines etc.

Maths - One more and 1 less

Following on from last weeks learning, today I would like the children to have a go at finding one more or less for numbers up to 5. I have attached a sheet, more of a guide than to actually use as I would like the children to use actual objects. First write the numeral '2' on a piece of paper (or show a flashcard). Ask your child t identify the number and then ask them to go and collect that many objects (You can use anything - blocks, sweets, counters, fruit...). Now ask them how they think they can find what one more is (To add another object). Encourage them to do this to work out the answer. No go back to 2 objects and ask them how they think they can find out 1 less (Take an object away). Let them work out the answer. Repeat for 1, 3, 4, 5.

If your child can answer these easily, an maybe even without the use of objects, then extend this up to number 10. 

Guided Reading

I will upload a video onto Tapestry, just like the 'Sparks in the Sky' on Friday. Again, I will ask questions throughout so please pause the video when i do to give your child time to answer the question.


Talk for Writing

Our new story for the next 2 weeks is 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'. Again I will post a video onto Tapestry of me reading this story. 


Feel free to do the Guided Reading this morning and the Talk for Writing this afternoon.