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Good Morning Year 2 and welcome back!  I hope you've all had a relaxing break during Half Term and are now ready for some more Home Learning. 


Our topic this half term is Beachcombers, so I hope you enjoy it laugh


You will find the Knowledge Organiser here.


I will leave it up to you how you begin each day this half term.  The links to Joe Wicks and Cosmic Yoga are on the main Class pages part of our website so feel free to use them. 


It really goes without saying that reading should be taking place daily, because it is so important.  The links to Audible etc are also on the Class pages.  If I find anything new that you might like, then of course I'll add it. It would be amazing if you kept your diary going too. 



With regard to your work, just do your best and complete what you can. OK!  yes


In Maths, you will be working on 'Time' for the next couple of weeks.  You can actually be working on this maths topic from now on, checking if you can read the time on your clocks or working out how long it is until bedtime etc. laugh 

Starter activity:  Practise the x5 tables on Hit the Button.  (Link on front page, at the beginning of the week)

First of all, you will be revising o' clock and half past. Have a look at the powerpoint first, then have a go at the tasks.


GOAL: to write what a character is saying.

Today you're going to look at a picture and write about what the characters might be saying. Have a look at the powerpoint, then complete the task.  There is an EX activity if you want to do more.