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Good morning everyone!

For this Monday morning’s exercise type ‘Kids Zumba’ into You Tube and select a couple of videos to copy!




Today we are looking at the different ‘layers’ of the rain forest. Open up the uploaded power-point and read through together. Take note of the different sorts of animals that are generally found living in each layer.

I have uploaded a cut and stick document to either print or draw out. Encourage your child to remember the names for the different layers of the jungle. They need to cut out and stick the correct word onto the correct layer. There are then some animal pictures. They can cut and stick the animals onto the layer that they think they live in. They should remember this from the power-point.

White Rose Maths

The book of choice this week is ‘Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox’ and begins with great activities. Some modelling and repeating patterns!


Marvellous Maths


Mr Singleton’s Group – Addition to 10 and then 20

Last week we were looking at number bonds to 10. This week we are going to do some general addition using numbers up to 10. We are going to be using objects, and then doing some counting on.

First of all, show your child this sum and demonstrate how to work it out using objects. 3 + 2 = . Explain that you will look at the first number in the sum and collect that many objects into a pile. Then look at the second number and collect that number of objects into a separate pile. Push the two piles together and then count all of the objects together, using the push away method where you move each counter as you count them so that you don’t get confused.

Now watch this Number blocks episode about adding numbers to 10.

Now I would like you to watch my loom. First we are going to look at addition to 10 using objects so you will need to find some small objects at home that you can use as counters. On my loom I will display, on screen, a key or pictures and each picture is worth a number. I will ask you to add two of the pictures together. You need to use the key to ‘crack the code’ to create the sum. You can then count out the objects you need to make the sum and find the answer. I will go through the answers at the end.

Miss Johnson’s Group – Recapping over doubles

Last week the children had a look at doubling and halving. I would like to set a challenge for them today! I have attached a 0 – 20 number line or your child may use objects if they wish, to work out the answer. When using the objects, instead of counting out so many objects, encourage them to put one number in their head for each sum, counting out the other number of objects and counting on, using the objects, from the first number, to find the answer. Your child may even know the answer off by heart!

Watch my loom. I will read out some doubles problems and each time I would like you to pause the video so your child can work out the answer. I will go through the answers at the end.