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Monday 28/09/20

Good morning everyone,

I hope you've all had a great weekend.  I am sure that you're all up early and raring to go with some home learning.  Remember, do as much as you can and 'just do your best' wink 


Keep your work neat and tidy and be proud of your presentation in every piece of work that you complete.  


laughHappy Fact laugh:  Two Scottish boys, Ollie and Harry Ferguson built a pirate ship out of Playmobil last October and launched it from Peterhead in Scotland.  The boys' Playmobil pirate ship has now been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the 'Most Travelled Toy Ship' after it travelled more than 6,000 kilometres (over 3,700 miles). They called the ship 'Adventure'. They have created a bucket list of adventures that they are working through with their family. Have a 'google' and see what other adventures they have been up to.  I have loved reading about them! 


And so, back to you go! 


READING really is 'the key to everything', so please read every day and fill in your homework diary to say what has been read, with comments re: VIPERS skills where appropriate.  You have all made a fantastic start with this, so please keep up the great work.  I look forward to seeing your progress when we're all back at school. yes 

Morning Work

Your morning work task for today is a maths task - to complete the 'number of the week' grid.  Look at the number in the middle of the grid and then fill in all the boxes around that number. 


As part of your daily Maths work, I am going to include a 'Flashback 4' for you to have a go at.  Flashback 4 is a series of quick questions covering something from previous lessons and topics.  What a great way to get your Maths brain working!

GOAL: to compare numbers within 50 (revision from last year)


This task is for today and tomorrow.

GOAL: Research and write facts about the Big Five.


You will need to print the pictures of the Big Five (see document below).  Use the links below to write bullet point facts about each one.  Use a new line for each bullet point. Stick a picture of one animal in, write the facts, then move on to the next animal.


Take your time to write neatly in the continuous cursive style (see lettering sheet below).  

Remember.....'start on the line, every time, with a smile' smiley