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Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome to week 4!  By the end of this week we will be past the half way mark of the final half-term.


I just want to start by saying a massive


heartTHANK YOU!heart

For your participation in the letter writing!  The children at school have been so excited to receive letters from you all at home and they have really enjoyed writing their letters to you.  It's only a few weeks until summer so there are a few more weeks of excitement to come!


Also, please remember to keep sending your work through to the gallery!  I've loved seeing the pieces that have been sent through so far and yes I might be greedy - but more more more!! laugh

This week for maths we are going to be moving onto learning about time.


Have a look at these two PowerPoints

Below I have included a clock template.  I would like you to cut out the different parts of the clock and stick them into your book - label the different parts of the clock.




Minute hand


Hour hand


Clock face


If you're feeling adventurous then print out a second clock and put it together to make your own!

Our literacy today is a reading comprehension.  We're going to be investigating space this week!  Another suggestion from Year 1 which I though would be fun!



The third comprehension option is really quite a challenge today so I will be super impressed if you have a go, especially if some of you get the questions right too! 

Parents - please allow your child to be as independent as possible with the reading of their comprehension.