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Good morning Nursery,


We hope you've had a nice weekend and are ready to do some great learning.


Task 1

Our new letter of the week is 'v'.



Practise the action by pretending to be driving along in a van, saying vvvv.


Can you think of any words that start with the letter 'v'?


Watch the Espresso clip below.

Task 2

This week, we are going to look at another group of people who help us. These people help us to keep healthy. Can your child guess who they might be? Watch the clip below and find out about 'Health Workers'.

Together, talk about health workers. Can your child remember the names of the people in the video clip who help to keep us healthy? Are there any people that weren't mentioned who also help to keep us healthy? 


Task 3

Have a chat together about the things that you can do to keep healthy at home like: brushing your teeth, eating a balanced diet, exercising, keeping clean and getting to bed at the right time. 


Make something healthy for lunch. You might like to have a go at making fruit kebabs. This is a good opportunity for your child to practise their knife cutting skills.



Below is a sorting activity, where your child can sort the healthy foods and practise their cutting skills. All they need to do is decide which are healthy, cut them out and stick them onto the lunch box. If you don't have a printer then you could always draw them onto a piece of paper for your child to cut out.


Cutting and sorting activity

Share a story together.


Have a nice day,


Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson