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Good morning Year 6,


I hope that you have had a good weekend and that you are ready for some more home learning.


Today we will be starting a new book called Journey to Jo'burg by Beverly Naidoo. It is a short book and will be ideal for us to cover over the next couple of weeks. It is set in South Africa when apartheid (meaning separation) existed. I hope that you enjoy the book and finding out more about South Africa. Listen to the first 2 chapter today.



1. Mark work from last Friday.

2. GOAL: Comparing volumes

Today in maths you are recapping volume. There is a PowerPoint to go through first before starting on the work in Target Your Maths, comparing volumes. There are also some reasoning question for an extension.



Today you will be looking at where the book Journey to Jo'burg is set and putting it in context. The book is about 2 children going for a journey to find their mother in Johannesburg, which is the largest city in South Africa.

Your tasks are to fill in the blank map of Africa with the names of the different countries. Your second task is to fill in the provinces of South Africa and try and locate the major cities, rivers and mountains. See planning sheet for details.


Spellings - learn this week's spellings to be tested on Friday.


Have a good day Year 6.


Mrs Betteley



Answers to Friday's maths

Comparing volume