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Good morning Year 3, here are your tasks for Monday. Once again, don’t worry if you can’t complete all the work, just do your best.  



Maths starter activity:

As before, write down your score in the back of your maths book. Can you beat your best score? Hopefully, by now you are improving on the x3 and x4 tables. Perhaps, you could now try the x8 (which is just double x4) or the x6 table (which is just double x3). Don’t forget to learn your division tables too: if 3 x4 = 12, then 12 ÷ 3 = 4.

GOAL- Right Angles in Shapes

This lesson is all about angles. Remember, the corner of your book or the angle at which the floor meets the floor is a right angle. It is drawn with a little square where the two lines meet. Also, when searching for right angles in a shape, it often helps to turn the book around as this shows right angles that were upside down better. Finally, you might find it helpful to draw a compass in your book and mark in the compass points (NEWS… N at top, East on the right, South at the bottom and West on the left).


Video to help with the lesson:

Monday's questions:
Monday's extension questions:
Answers to today’s questions:


GOAL: Non-Fiction

I’d like you to write a piece of non-fiction about the Eiffel Tower. It needs to be in paragraphs with subheadings and packed with facts. A sentence or two could be used as an introduction (about it being visited by many tourists each year, perhaps). Paragraphs could be about: where it is; dimensions; how it was built and by who; special features, such as the lift; how it is painted and cleaned; how popular it is and how many visit a year; etc


Here is some information that may help: