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Good morning Year 5! I hope that you've all had a lovely weekend! Look out for a Parent Mail today, which will tell you the time of your transition slot next week! Very exciting!

1) GOAL- To understand multiples (Maths)

First of all, you can mark your arithmetic from Friday.


Then, watch the Espresso video and have a go at the quiz! You should then be ready to start your work!


2) GOAL- To write a balanced argument about deforestation (Geography/ Reading/ Writing)

Today, we are going to plan a balanced argument about deforestation.


First of all, watch the video clip, which will explain more about what a balanced argument is.


Then, use the deforestation sorting activity to organise the arguments for and against deforestation. After that, you can use the deforestation debate sheet to colour in the arguments for and against- this will give you even more ideas!


Finally, plan your balanced argument ready for tomorrow! You do not need to write in full sentences on your plan, but your bullet points will need to still make sense to you tomorrow!