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Good morning Nursery,


We hope you all had a relaxing weekend.


Task 1

Our new letter of the week is 'y'.



Practise the action by pretending to eat a yogurt from a spoon, saying y, y, yogurt with each spoonful.


Can your child think of any words which start with the letter 'y'?


Watch the Espresso clip below.

Task 2

Can your child think of any people whose job is to take care of animals? This week we are going to learn about vets and how to take care of animals. Together, share the following power point all about vets.

Task 3

Ask your child to find four of their favourite toy animals. Make some cards numbered

0-5, 0-10 or 0-20, depending on your child's ability. Place four bowls in front of the toys which will be to place their food in. Use objects for the animals food like buttons, pebbles or even cereal. Tell your child that the animals are hungry. Shuffle the numbers and ask your child to choose four number cards to lay in front of the toy animals. Your child then needs to try to recognise the number and count out that many objects to feed them. Once they've fed the animals, shuffle the cards again and play another round. You could even take it in turns to feed the animals.


Share a story together,

We hope you have a lovely day,

Mrs Loquens and Miss Lesson