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Good morning Year 4, welcome to a new week of learning! We hope you have a lovely week. Keep up the brilliant work! smiley

Maths warm up.

Remember to give yourself 5 minutes and pick the challenge for your ability. 33 challenge if you haven’t scored over 31, 44 challenge if you haven’t scored over 42 and if you have managed 33 and 44 move onto the 55 challenge. You will do the same challenge for each day until Friday when you do your summer test. It’s really important to know your tables as it helps with your multiplication and division.

MATHS - GOAL: To use a written method (Bus Stop) for division

Maths Activity: Written Division

Maths Extension (optional): Challenge yourself by seeing how quickly you can work through these questions.

ENGLISH - GOAL:To use fronted adverbials in my writing.

English Activity: Postcard - Fronted Adverbials

English Extension (optional) : Look at the picture below 'The Minature Castle' and complete the task

Sentence challenge!

Choose the appropriate punctuation for the following sentences. ! ? .


Wow This is the most exciting day ever


Have you ever seen anything like this before


I looked through the tiny windows