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Good morning Year 5! I hope that you've all had a great weekend and are ready for another week of online learning! It will be lovely to see you all on Friday for our transition day!

1) GOAL- To understand square numbers (Maths)

First of all, mark your arithmetic from Friday. 


Today, we are looking at square numbers. A square number is where you multiply a number by itself. Watch the Espresso video and have a go at the quiz before starting your work.

2) GOAL- To write a detailed diary entry (Writing/ Geography)

In the story of The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling, Mowgli is raised in the jungle by wolves. Watch the 'Bare Necessities' clip to give you and idea of what this was like!


Your challenge for today is to write a diary entry, as if you are Mowgli! You will be able to include some of the information which you have learnt about the rainforest this half term. For example: 

What are the plants like?

What do you eat?

Where do you sleep?

What are the animals like?

What is the weather like?


Remember that in a diary entry, you need to include lots of thoughts and feelings! I have started mine off below, so that you can get the idea! Pick out the most exciting/ interesting parts of your day to write about!

Dear Diary,


Here I am, lying beneath the towering trees of my wonderful home! What a busy day I have had today- it's just been non-stop!


Feeling refreshed, I woke up early to the sound of the noisy macaws in the emergent layer, high above me. I, of course, live on the forest floor with my animal friends (the tigers and the jaguars are especially fun to be around). I was ravenous when I woke up, so I got ready to find myself some breakfast!