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Good morning everyone!

For this Monday morning’s exercise type ‘Kids Zumba’ into You Tube and select a couple of videos to copy!


This week we are going to be looking into the different foods that grow in the rainforests and jungles.

First of all, do some research. See if you can find out about what foods are grown in the rainforests. You might find that you have some of these foods in your house!

I have uploaded a sheet with rainforest foods on and blank labels underneath. See if your child can write the names of the foods in. Instead of printing this out you can list the names of the foods and number them.

Another optional activity you could do is see if you have got any of these food items in your house. Have a look at them and explore them. See if you can write down some words to describe the appearance, smell, texture or taste of them. You could do this as a mind-map and draw a picture of the food item in the middle and write the words around it.

White Rose Maths

The book of choice this week is ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet’. Some junk modelling making rockets today and some healthy dinosaur lunch ideas!

Marvellous Maths

This week we are going to recap over everything we have been learning!

First of all today, watch the Numberblocks episode ‘blast off’ by clicking on the weblink. This video talks all about number bonds to 10.

Now I would like you to get 10 objects, small enough to count with. Explore splitting the objects into two sets in as many different ways as you can. You could use 2 plates to help you. Each time you split them differently, write the sum down. I wonder if you pick up on the pattern of numbers that occurs e.g. that it doesn’t matter which way round the two numbers are, it will always be the same 2 numbers you add together to make 10.

Now, watch my jungle themed loom, all about number bonds to 10. See if you can figure out the answers, you may want to write them down, and then we can go through them at the end. You will be timed to think of the answers so I wonder if you can get them right in time!